Who Is The Couture Mannequin?

my-new-logo-artistic.jpgIt Truly Is A Mannequins World…!!

   Welcome to Couture Mannequin Xx

Your Main Home for All Mannequin Related Content, Reviews, Sneak Peaks, Videos & What We’re Digging & Rocking!!

Hola to all my mannequins & fellow fashion addicts,

Welcome to the Couture Mannequin Life Style, Unisex Fashion & Music Official Blog of the Mannequin HQ!
I am a one woman army and this is my personal website, blog, product review business, brand promotion business as well as photography and videography!

At home here you will be able to see all of your favorite content from Couture Mannequin, The companies I represent, love & also an up to date calendar with what we’re getting up to etc with the added bonus of being able to add your views, 2 cents and to also have the opportunity to contribute wherever you see fitting!!

Here I show you what the Couture Mannequin is up to and a part of in her day to day life.
From fabulous, feminine & wild Fashions & her totally unique and Style she wears to exciting and extravagant events she has been invited to… It really is a Mannequins World!!

But what is so different about this Mannequin??.. Well let me tell you….,

Everything she does from Website Design, Writing, Editing, Design & Creation to Promoting Talent & Brands she has done herself for herself to assist and to ultimately benefit not only others but herself and her confidence and role in this sometimes very difficult place we call life!!!

I review Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Products , Blog & Document about Events, Brands, Boutiques by Photography and Videography and also Collaborate with Brands for Brand Promotion & to ultimately raise awareness for the products and services brands have to offer.. I am a HUGE Believer in Small Business & Fundraising!!

  • But wait… There’s More!!!

I also assist unsigned independent musicians to get a chance to shine and to realize their true potential and to continue with their talents to make a ripple in this huge oceanic world we call Earth.. Due to my own experiences in this world and realizing how hard it actually is to chase your dreams and to make them come true one small dream at a time!

  • What Is The Couture Mannequins Mission??

” That’s extremely easy guys!! C’mon .. I love to assist & support everyone and help people out in the dark stages of life to get to the light at the end of tunnel regardless of what walk of life they may be from or circumstance they have found themselves in per say  as everyone deserves a chance to achieve their dreams no matter how small or how large!! “

At the end of someone’s life it’s not what they did wrong that is left spoken on the lips of others but the things they did right & what they did before passing that truly counts, Everyone deserves a chance!

Oh & to also change the Fashion, Music & Modelling Industries One Cause At A Time!! Xx “

  • What Does The Couture Mannequin Do Exactly & Provide??

Brand Promotion, Charity Fundraising , Handmade Designer Jewellery Using Nothing But Genuine Earth Churned Gemstones & Set on High Quality Silver & Gold Filled Materials!
Web Design, Advertising, Photography, Directing of Music Videos & Documentaries, Videography, Editorial Roles, Admin & Documentary of Events & Functions… And anything else that grabs my attention or is deemed a worthy and rightful cause!!

I review products from High end Brands & Small Business Boutiques equally by blogging and video logging.

Never fear the Mannequin is Always Here!


Thanks for your time, views & opinions they are all warmly received, Please don’t hesitate to get in touch whatever the reason I will try to assist …..See you all on the Runways of Life & Enjoy my world here on the web! 


Marissa Maxwell aka Couture Mannequin!! Xxx


2 thoughts on “Who Is The Couture Mannequin?”

    1. *Xxxx Hey Vanessa Love!!
      Thankyou for this amazing comment you have left.. sorry I have only just seen it today but as you probably know life in the blogosphere is hard, busy and fast to begin with , then add 6 puppies and 2 adult dogs haha!

      Anyhow I’m so thrilled and proud as punch that your digging my blog love.. Means the world knowing a recognised successful fellow blogger is on the Mannequin Hit List! Xxx

      Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and all the best in the new year sweetie!

      Oh & I’ve Followed you back Xxx

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